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Winter is approaching and we have been getting into wool around here… Some of us more than others.


Scarlett helpfully removed the labels from a number of balls of wool that I left on the floor in a bag…


Yes, that was a timesaver. Except for the untangling required….

I fell in love with this dusky sky chunky wool and free-styled a cowl. It took under 2 hours… So much faster than a quilt…


And as per usual, we can’t have just one project going at the same time…. So I’ve dived into the Stylecraft Lilypond Crochet-A-Long…



 Yes, it’s fast and it’s not nearly as complex as quilting… but it’s a darn site easier to pick up and put down of an evening when you can’t get out of the armchair… I don’t think the quilting is going to stop anytime soon, but you may have to excuse a bit of wool obsession for a while!

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