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Do you piece for peace? Life has been so chaotic around here with Patches passing, new job, relationship issues and the sewing machine playing up (I swear I have bad sewing machine karma) that I’ve been cutting (fabric, not myself) and piecing…
  • Sometimes, sewing mindless straight lines is good.
  • Sometimes, concentrating on getting pieces in the right pattern and order takes my mind off other things.
  • Sometimes, the sweeping moves and intricate detail of free-motion quilting is something I can get lost in. 
There has been some serious patchwork therapy going on. 
The Washi fabric spoke to me straight away and it asked for triangles. The grey is linen which seems appropriate for Iheartlinen‘s fabricline. I think all the light coloured background ones need to be grey.
My two Terrain layer cakes were also waiting to be used. While I very rarely use patterns, the one Moda fabrics issued with it was too good to pass up. It required concentration (when they say ‘read all instructions before starting’ you really should. I am glad I had two packs) which was just what the doctor ordered to get my mind focussed on other things.
I’m not so impressed with the one-way fabrics – I didn’t work out before I cut that they’d all need to be cut a special way (see bottom left). I’m thinking of hauling those ones out of the mix. 
My new Bernina is at the shop getting the ‘yellow screen of death’ issue fixed. It was meant to be back today, but it didn’t show up. 🙁 So I may be a little late with the FMQAL post. It may have to be Friday or Saturday. I just can not go back to the Bernette for free-motion!

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