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I’ve been quiet for a while. And by quiet, I mean BUSY…  Busy playing with sharks and racehorse goannas – all in a day’s work at my new job at the School of Animal Biology, which is turning out to be everything I wanted and more.

This is a racehorse goanna by the way – we have about 4. I’m just hoping they don’t get out. They are very pretty but a couple of them are about 5 foot long.

Racehorse goanna

And yes, there really are sharks at my work.

Amidst all that, there hasn’t been an awful lot of time for sewing. I did get a few QCR Mod Medallion blocks done. Yes, I’m liking my red, white and black!

I also got my second Plum Crazy quilt top almost finished… I just need to add some side panels to make it up to single bed width. I’ve been doing longer hours so getting enough sunlight to take the photo and walk the dogs was challenging. Scarlett protested my priorities as you can see.

Plum Crazy 2 in progress

I’m really liking the broken-up windows look of the panel. Here’s a better picture of a block.


I’ve also been working on my Mondrian quilt – quilting it while I give my Metro rings a break. I swear I have ADQD. There are 3 Queen size tops waiting to be finished… It feels like there are a whole lotta WIPs and not a lot of finishes. But it’s my week for TGIFF this week so I had better pull my finger out.

I can’t wait for WIP Wednesday. I have to steal every moment I can at the moment. So Happy Monday!

7 Comments on “WIP Monday….”

  1. Hi Laura! I’m happy to hear from you! Just today thought I should write because I have been quiet, too. We shall move again. I’m so excited about your NEW job! Must be fantastic to work in place like that. Please more photos! Beautiful Fabrics and colour for your NEW quilt! x Teje

  2. I need to get organized and do some sewing as well 🙂 At least I ordered some Xmas presents, lol. Nice projects!

  3. I LOVE what you did with your Wee Wander fabric – I have yards of it in both the blue and pink colourways – and am stumped as to what I want to do with it (mostly because I don’t really want to cut it into little pieces – the patterns are just too gorgeous!) – seeing your quilt has inspired an idea – and I think I’ll be underway with it as soon as my holiday sewing is done….(thank you!). Your new job sounds amazing – and your co-workers look very intriguing! Thanks for sharing…

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