Winding ways…

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I’ve wanted to do a winding ways quilt forever. I bought the Quick Curve Ruler pattern, I bought the fabric… After a lot of cutting and cursing… I resorted to a friend’s accuquilt dies…

Let me tell you, this quilt is NOT going to happen.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the fabric choices. It’s the squew-wiffiness I can’t stand…  (yes, that is the technical term). This is not a challenge I’m going to take up. These blocks are going to the retirement home for terminally mismatched quilt blocks. #quiltfailwindingways2

That is all. My love affair with curves continues, but Winding Ways will not be part of it.

6 Comments on “Winding ways…”

  1. I am not so good with curves either. You are ahead of me. I wouldn’t have even tried that. Don’t throw the blocks away. Hang on to them. Surely you can do something with them? Maybe put them in a lining in a bag? In a few years, they might even look better to you!

  2. Well I’m pretty sure your blocks won’t be the only ones at that retirement home. Life is too short to waste time on projects which you aren’t happy with, onward to the next one!

  3. LOL! Definitely Winding Ways is a commitment…..and a sanity test! The trick when sewing the two halves of the block together is to pin and sew from the centre out. The AccuQuilt die makes the cutting a breeze and the little notches are fabulous to line up your pieces to… but the bulk of the seams makes it difficult for the machine to maintain an accurate 1/4in when sewing! I feel your frustration!

    Those fabrics definitely are lovely – would be good to see another project sewn with them!

  4. Don’t give up! I bought the die and and my first block took forever, but soon I could do one in 20 minutes with minimal pinning. I found it needed an exact 1/4 inch seam allowance, not a scant on. A friend made one in red and white fabrics and it is lovely.

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