What Cancer Cannot do…

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When I saw this quilt on Jaybird Quilts, I had to have the panel from BlockpartyStudios. I ordered four.

Unfortunately, like Julie, I know too many people whose lives have been touched by cancer. As soon as it arrived, I had to have a play. Totally broke my “don’t start any more projects till you finish some” rule. The free pattern is easy-peasy and my stash is extensive, so I pulled out the Pear Tree Fabric by Thomas Knauer and cut it up. I added some Artist’s Canvas (Michael Miller) in green and yellow to zing it up a bit.  I’m not TOTALLY sure it’s working but it’s growing on me.

It’s not really my colour, but I’m liking the way it looks all together. The trees and eggs seemed apt for new life, growth and strength.

I LOVE having a design wall to manipulate the design. It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle. No piecing has been done yet,  so feel free to offer any suggestions for rearrangements!
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