Upper Crust cooking class

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Went to a ‘Hot Indian Curry’ cooking class at Upper Crust last night. The Chef was Pramjeet Singh of the Indian Garden Restaurant in North Perth. He had worked at the Sheraton somewhere in India and apparently makes “the best butter chicken in Perth”. I’ll have to check that out.
The class was great, the wine divine and the curries (Beef Vindaloo, Chicken Jalfrezi, Marsala sauce and Aloo Gobi) delicious. Just gives me confidence seeing it done to actually give it a go myself. Hand me a recipe with those ingredients and I’d put it in the too hard basket. Now I’m actually inspired to visit Prime and get the couple of tricky ingredients, and make a visit to the local Weigh-and-Pay.
There were only two difficulties in the class. Firstly, a couple of the recipes were missing ingredients.
Secondly, initially, I was disappointed we wouldn’t be writing the recipes down ourselves, as we did for the Moroccan cooking class (we were given the list of ingredients, and blank space to write the recipe down – good teaching technique 😉 ), but given the communication problems, it was just as well. The chef was a little shy and quiet (I can identify with the quiet problem in a classroom) and a little difficult to understand. Hence, not much audience interaction. Jamie Oliver he’s not. It did make me think how great it would be to do a similar cooking class with Pak Mimid of Tasik Indonesian restaurant, who has the confidence to joke about with his customers, and is a great Indonesian chef. 🙂

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