WIP Wednesday -the paper piecing edition.

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I have had so much to deal with lately that getting much done has been impossible. Finishes for TGIFF haven’t happened and I’ve been feeling like I’ve overcommitted and am letting people down. 🙁 I don’t like feeling like that, but sometimes life has plans of its own. For the first time in a while, I’m back to WIP Wednesday … Read More

Retreat: Part 2 (In which we sew)

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After showing you all that food we had on retreat, I should probably show you the sewing we did. I had the misfortune to get caught in a violent altercation between the car door which slammed open HARD against the bin as I was loading my last bag in the car to go to retreat. My hand broke up the … Read More

WIP and PMQG Rides again

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I haven’t WIP Wednesday’d for a while, so I figure it’s time. After getting the two quilts ready for QuiltWest (opens tomorrow but I can’t go till Saturday – stinky work!) I had to decide what to work on next. When I saw M-R’s post of her WTFMQAL, there was really little choice. From QuiltMatters Yes, it’s a FINISHED QAYGFMQAL … Read More

A typography WIP

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I have too many projects on the go, but I sillily (yes it’s a word, I just decreed it to be so) signed up for I had the concept. I have the threads. I had promised to product review the lovely Aurifil threads Mr Alex sent me. (He is remaining Mr Alex as I forgot my Italian and I think … Read More

WIP Wednesday

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Do you piece for peace? Life has been so chaotic around here with Patches passing, new job, relationship issues and the sewing machine playing up (I swear I have bad sewing machine karma) that I’ve been cutting (fabric, not myself) and piecing… Sometimes, sewing mindless straight lines is good. Sometimes, concentrating on getting pieces in the right pattern and order … Read More

WIP it up…

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No more sewing machine complaints, I finally gave in and admitted that my Singer had got the better of me, put away the fourth quilt top that needs to be quilted and went back to some old WIPs on the trusty Bernettte.  I promise, I do not pose my dogs. I put a quilt out, turn around to get ruler, … Read More

WIP/Weigh in Wednesday 1 2012!

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It’s the first WIP Wednesday for me for 2012!  My current WIP is the Year of the Dragon. Last update, I had heavily FMQ’d the inside of the circle with jagged ziggy-zaggy quilting, and had started heavily quilting the outside of the circle with an orange Aurifil. Somehow, it looked too overpowering and drew the eye away from the dragon, … Read More

WIP walk of shame #2

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Well, I’ve done it. I’ve made a list of the in progress works… It’s shameful!So here’s my list of shame and some excuses thrown in for good measure… Finishes this week = 0New starts = 1 (I had a Good Fortune Layer Cake arrive – HOW could I not start on that when it’s not due out till January?!!!) Kinda … Read More

WIP Walk of Shame #1

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I have been meaning for some time to do a WIP walk of shame. But there are too many for one post, so here’s part one. 3) I’ll start with the third oldest WIP, which we shall call the Breast Cancer Quilt. I started this about 8 years ago, when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a … Read More

WIP Wednesday

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  Well it’s Thursday here but as a number of you are so far behind I might just squeak in. 🙂  Here’s the latest WIP – it’s a safari print cut into strips of random sizes (I let the fabric talk to me and tell me where) with blue homespun and grey linen. There are processions of animals walking across … Read More