Just a block

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Our Perth Modern Quilt Guild has been doing block of the months from the Modern Blocks book for a year now. Our last BOM was Diamond Ripples, requested by the lovely Kate… Diamond Ripples – cut all squares at 2 7/8″… Not 2.5, which would be perfect for a Jelly Roll; not 3 which would just be too easy, but … Read More

Washi not a washout…

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It all started here. Rashida Coleman Hale of IHeartLinen designed this beautiful line of fabric and I fell in love with it. Of course, I added some linen as a nod to Rashida… The project wasn’t without its difficulties, one of which was a Cavalier determined to disrupt the cutting… But I got around her, and this is the finished … Read More


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We are not hiding… Well, some of us are. Hiding both ourselves and our work… But we are all ready for TGIFF on Friday, so stay tuned! In the meantime… Happy New Year!

Secret Santa

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We had our Perth Modern Quilt Guild Secret Santa on the weekend. I was (un)lucky enough to have the privilege of sewing for Gina, who is one of our most talented members (and has one of the most evil senses of humour I’ve come across). There are fights over who gets things sewn for them by Gina. This time, Janine … Read More

Scarlett-iversary and general update

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A year ago, this arrived. Melody and I weren’t exactly sure what to make of it. A year later, we have a much more elegant looking creature. She’s as clever as a bagful of monkeys and about as mischievous… Back in September, Melody turned four.  Three weeks ago, when I was in Bali and Melody was staying with my parents, … Read More

TGIFF December

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Life has been chaotic, stressful and, well – I’m not big on long moody blog posts so I’ll leave it and get on with the party. Before life went mad, I managed to get these little sunglasses cases finished.  I was lucky enough to have a week in Bali with Danielle, who is our Perth Modern Quilt Guild retreat convenor, … Read More

In a bind…

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 This is my last WIP post for the Terrain quilt. Yes, that means what you think it means. Next week, it will no longer be a WIP. After two years, I’m SO ready to put this one to bed. Literally. There was a bit more free motion quilting to be done. Is there anything like micro-stippling for relaxing you? Sorry, … Read More

Purseapalooza winners

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Well I have finally pulled my finger out and drawn the winners of Moonshine Designs Bambino Bag pattern. A huge thank you to Monica Poole and congratulations to the following people – I have emailed you!!! Norma SonJa Linda rukbonita Jane

A post post

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Wow. On Tuesday last week I ordered fabric. On Monday this week, this arrived. It takes longer to get mail from Queensland sometimes. Dear America, If this is what shutting your government down does, shut it down more often? Thanks. Laura Moda Sunnyside Buttercup Twilight Moda Sunnyside Silver Lining Vapor Acacia Raccoon Bluebell Acacia Pixel Dot Teal Quilter’s Linen Print … Read More