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  It’s Friday and thanks to TGIFF giving me a boot up the backside, I’ve got some sewing done!!! It’s been a lot of small sewing – earbud pouches and sunglasses cases – but it’s FINISHES and you can’t dispute that!!! I’ll even throw in a free sewing tip. The tip is: Clean up your sewing machine area in between projects. Also … Read More

TGIFF – Autumn Waves

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    Happy first day of the last month of winter for all those in the Southern hemisphere! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some warmer weather. But as a homage to my friends from the North, I’ve called today’s finish Autumn Waves. (Ok, it’s a long bow to draw but I tried). The fabric is Lucky … Read More

TGIFF November

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I handed over TGIFF this month to the very talented Janice at Better off Thread, but I do actually have a finish or six! First, do you love our new-look button? Thanks to Em at StitchedByMoonlight for doing the new funky graphics for us! A colleague at work admired my Kate Spain iPad cosy-case, and asked me to make one … Read More

TGIFF – 2 for 1?

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Busy week. The countdown is on! Today we had hail, it’s forecast to be 4 degrees tonight and 32 on Monday. I’m so glad I’m packing for less changeable temperatures! I had to leave the dogs inside today. Could you be mad at this?  No? Not even when she beats this up and lures her into getting stuck behind the … Read More

TGIFF – another jewellery case

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I was so looking forward to the end of Friday I almost forgot to TGIFF! It’s only a little one but every finish counts as I’m counting down to Sewing Summit. I only have two full weekends left and SO much to do, including stick together a 25 page pattern (sheesh – let’s see if that is easier with a … Read More

TGIFF – a travel finish!

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TGIFF this week is BACK in Canada at MR’s Quiltmatters where it should be on the second Friday of the month!As I said in the last post, not much besides sewing and travelling swimming around my head at the moment. But a brainwave struck and I made this for me. Oooh, pretty pretty Kate Spain fabric. :D.  My lovely friend … Read More

TGIFF – Ruby Friday?

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Thank you for the entries so far in my Moda charm pack giveaway. There’s still time for a few giggles, so get on over and leave me a comment by Sunday. My Nina machine is going in for repairs, so I have pulled out a few WIPs that still required bits cut, did some cutting and then pulled out Bernie … Read More

There’s a hole in my fabric dear Liza

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 Do you remember this quilt and the hole I had that I was agonsing over?People suggested that I must have mice, moths, or silverfish in my fabric drawers. I haven’t seen any of those.I tried adding decorative stitching, but even with Nina the Bernina and her 9mm wide stitch capability, it wasn’t quite cutting it. Then I found THIS in … Read More


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It’s Friday, it’s Friday, thank gosh it’s Friday…And that means TGIFF linky party!!I don’t have anything. Unless you count the BAGS I finished and showed you earlier in the week. Or the Lorax from the other week that I just listed on my etsy shop (my very unsuccesful only has two items in it Etsy shop). LOL. Miss Marketing I’m … Read More

TGIFF – The Lorax Version

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I’m losing internet access for 10 days – or rather, it will be unpredictable, so I won’t be able to comment on finishes… So I’m handing over the hosting to … well, head on over to TGIFF and find out where!  But I DO have a finish. The Lorax. 🙂 I did a fair bit of hand quilting in my … Read More