TGIFF – 2 for 1?

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Busy week. The countdown is on! Today we had hail, it’s forecast to be 4 degrees tonight and 32 on Monday. I’m so glad I’m packing for less changeable temperatures! I had to leave the dogs inside today. Could you be mad at this?  No? Not even when she beats this up and lures her into getting stuck behind the … Read More

TGIFF – another jewellery case

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I was so looking forward to the end of Friday I almost forgot to TGIFF! It’s only a little one but every finish counts as I’m counting down to Sewing Summit. I only have two full weekends left and SO much to do, including stick together a 25 page pattern (sheesh – let’s see if that is easier with a … Read More

TGIFF – a travel finish!

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TGIFF this week is BACK in Canada at MR’s Quiltmatters where it should be on the second Friday of the month!As I said in the last post, not much besides sewing and travelling swimming around my head at the moment. But a brainwave struck and I made this for me. Oooh, pretty pretty Kate Spain fabric. :D.  My lovely friend … Read More

TGIFF: Fantastic Foxy Loxy Folder

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I have a finish I’m VERY pleased with. I was hoping to get this little foxy finished for my post in Kristy’s Practically Paper Piecing bloghop, but it didn’t happen. But now it has been transformed. I added some Kona Sour Apple solid, some more Across the Pond which I won ages ago from Erin at Billy Button design, and … Read More

TGIFF: A sad little finish…

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Lainey and Melody It’s a sad little finish this week and I’m expecting another ‘finish’ in the not too distant future. My poor little Lainey’s body has been failing her. In dog years, she’s 98. In human years, 14, which is damn good for a cavalier. As well as mitral valve (heart) disease, Lainey has a large lump on her, … Read More

TGIFF: Ruby Anniversary

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Beth at Plum and June is hosting this week’s TGIFFriday. For myself, I have finished the Ruby Rail quilt – hip hip, HOORAY!  I had a jelly roll in Bonny and Camille’s Ruby and have been wanting to do a rail quilt for a while.  I quilted it with my bunged hand, so the lines aren’t as even as I’d … Read More

Furry Safari Friday

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It’s the first Friday of the month and that means a finish from me! Ready??? This is the FIRST pop song I actually remember seeing on TV – it must have been around 1981-2 because it was in our house in England. It wasn’t this clip but the music brings back memories. And it fits with my finish. I bought … Read More

TGIFF – Ruby Friday?

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Thank you for the entries so far in my Moda charm pack giveaway. There’s still time for a few giggles, so get on over and leave me a comment by Sunday. My Nina machine is going in for repairs, so I have pulled out a few WIPs that still required bits cut, did some cutting and then pulled out Bernie … Read More


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It is a HUUUUGGEEE finish for me this week. Yes, you guessed it, the FMQAL quilt is FINISHED. Mega thanks to Leah Day, Emma of Sampaguita Quilts, Helen Godden, Michelle Pearson, Cindy of Fluffy Sheep, and all the people who quilted or followed along! My quilt models would not behave – they were more interested in sniffing the section of … Read More

TGIFF: Pegasus

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Friday already – eek! Where does the week go? I was hoping to finish my FMQAL, but it was not to be. So I got moving on finishing the ‘paintchwork’ I started back in March.  As I wanted a curved edge (and couldn’t be bothered cutting ‘real’ bias binding), I tried the ‘bagging’ method of finishing for the first time. … Read More