Melody on the Sunnyside

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The Human (TH) has been working her butt off and didn’t really have a Friday finish so was panicking, but she remembered a skirt she hadn’t posted on her way home. I’m happy to report that TH took us for a walk first (Scarlett played ball and TH made me do some weird weaving stuff for tuna treats) so she … Read More

Park Lane Bag – Scarlett’s Review

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Hello, Scarlett here with a report on the Park Lane bag by Sew Sweetness… This report is a TGIFF finish for OctoberQuest which is being hosted by MR over at QuiltMatters. As it is almost my birthday and as The Human has been torturing me (see below), I get to take over her blog. As I said, the Human (who … Read More

Just another manic Monday…

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  Do you like Mondays? Are you raring to go? Or do you drag yourself out of bed and count the hours till you can get home and fondle fabric? Work has been a bit miserable lately.  A few (7) of us ‘responsible’ people have been relegated to an office down the street to make way for other staff members. … Read More

TGIFF – the Batdog Edition

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Greetings Humans. I am about to reveal my true identity. Prepare to be amazed. By day, I am Scarlett, mild mannered Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. At night, criminals, a cowardly and superstitious lot, call me… Batdog. People think it’s an obsession. A compulsion. As if there were an irresistible impulse to act. It’s never been like that. I chose this life. I … Read More

Sunny day finishes

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 The last TGIFF of the year is ON over at Shanna’s. I should spread my finishes out after the dress finish, but these were a few little pre-Christmas finishes. Sunglasses cases with a wooden toggle and elastic closure. So soft and so pretty! I love them. I made the elephant one for a lady at work and immediately got another order. … Read More

Addressing the issue…

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I’ve been a little absent lately. Since the start of November, we’ve had a family run-in with cancer, dog dying, puppy arriving, dad in hospital with a knee reconstruction, and my workload doubled for a month… I did make Christmas presents which have not all yet been delivered so I can’t yet show them. But now I have 9 DAYS … Read More