Metro Hoops quilting progress

Laurafmq, QCR4 Comments

Do you ever get quilter’s block? Either getting sick of a project and putting it aside or just not being able to sew at all? Term 2 has been so hectic, facing the sewing machine to quilt has seemed like more work. Nevertheless, I’ve snatched a few minutes sewing here and there between marking, report writing and lesson prep and made … Read More

TGIFF – a quick curve finish

LauraQCR5 Comments

I like big blocks and I like fast blocks… and I LOVE curves. In quilts that is… And you know I love my free-motion quilting. So while the photos are terrible, this Quick Curve Ruler block from Sew Kind of Wonderful turned into the most beautiful cushion. I used a navy shot cotton I picked up in Bali and some Kona … Read More

Winding ways…

LauraQCR6 Comments

I’ve wanted to do a winding ways quilt forever. I bought the Quick Curve Ruler pattern, I bought the fabric… After a lot of cutting and cursing… I resorted to a friend’s accuquilt dies… Let me tell you, this quilt is NOT going to happen. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fabric choices. It’s the squew-wiffiness I can’t stand… … Read More

Happy New Year!!! TGIFF

Laurakatespain, QCR10 Comments

Happy New Year and welcome to the first TGIFF of 2016! We’ve announced some changes to TGIFF and the signups are open for 2016 hosting, so head on over to the blog and check it out. I have a heap of little finishes. Firstly, my second Mini Quick-Curve-Ruler Xmas tree table runner got finished just after Christmas. This one was … Read More

Merry Christmas!!!

LauraQCR5 Comments

We are all ready for Christmas! The doggies have their Christmas collars on. Table runners have been made (my Quick Curve Ruler Mini has had a workout). This one’s for me. Lucky trees are meant to look organic. Some of that wonkiness is deliberate – let’s say it all is. Oh it was fun quilting all those swirls again after … Read More


LauraQCR13 Comments

Has the last month flown by for anyone else? Since the end of October, I’ve accepted a new job for next year, resigned my current job, been to Indonesia for a 20 year reunion, booked another trip to Indonesia… and on the bus to my LAST DAY at work today, I realised that: It’s December It’s the first Friday of December It’s … Read More

TGIFF: Table Runner Friday

LauraQCR9 Comments

I had to get something finished this month, and my QCR table runner was the obvious choice. It’s amazing what a difference quilting and binding can make! I debated on thread colour – whether to go metallic or monofil – and on design – mad feathers or something plain – and decided to go simple and let the colours sing… I … Read More

Medallion progress – quilting begins

LauraQCR3 Comments

Woohoo! Some progress at last! I decided to give my grey monster-quilt a bit of a rest and tackle something that wasn’t fifty shades of grey-and-green… So I got my Mod Medallion quilt basted and under the machine. First steps first – in the ditch and echoing the red medallions. My smaller oval arc quilting ruler and a straight edge were … Read More

Metro Hoops still going strong

LauraQCR11 Comments

Despite the recent forages into crochet, I have made an effort to get to the Sweet 16 and continue working away at my QCR Metro Hoops. It’s tough going – double batted and Queensize with a big overlap so I need to celebrate every little achievement. Today’s is that I’ve finished outlining all the hoops and the secondary internal hoops. … Read More

Medallion Flimsy Finish

LauraQCR16 Comments

So maybe this is a cheaty finish but I’m going to celebrate it anyway! My modern medallion quilt – as yet unnamed – continues my black, red and white and texty obsession. Scarlett approves! These blocks are maybe the easiest of the QCR blocks I’ve done. I’m totally addicted. And quilting it isn’t going to be a hardship. Waiting until … Read More