PicStitch Bloghop Winners

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The time has come, we’ve got the winners picked out for the Aurifil thead collections. For Europe, Katy employed Mr RNG to do the honours, who chose Di @ Quiltova. Congrats!  Here is her block: For the Americas, Danny employed Mr Danny, who said “Ummm… that one” which was Jenelle at Echinops and Aster. Congratulations Jenelle! I was concerned about picking … Read More

It’s party time!!

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It’s time for the biggest voting event of the year. You thought that already happened in the US in November, right? WRONG! There are MUCH better things at stake here. Like bundles of fabric from these guys:           The bundles of Aurifil are just toooooo heavy to post all over the world, hence region limiting them. So Danny, … Read More

Penultimate Pic-Stitch post – Hoover dam

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We’re nearly at the end of the Travellin-PicStitch Bloghop!!!These last few days feature a few of my besties so hop along and check them out. Don’t forget to check out the linky party on the 30th, and join up whether you’ve hopped or not! It’s not too late to do a block in time as Bev found out at our … Read More

Rewind to Monument Valley

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Scheduling confusion reigned yesterday so please go and visit our three lovely bloghoppers, Cyndi @ Cyndistitches AND Gemma @ PrettyBobbins AND Caryn @ WithArmsWideOpen! This week, one of our lovely sponsors, has free shipping – EVEN INTERNATIONALLY – for Thanksgiving. I’m hooked and ready for some new pieces as I’ve FINISHED ANOTHER BLOCK! For this one, I have to rewind to Monument Valley. I actually did … Read More

And another bloghopping update…

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Ok, so due to some miscommunication and an overeagerness to find replacements when someone pulled out (seriously, I thought 17 November was CURSED for the bloghop), we actually have THREE bloggers hosting today SUNDAY! (oops, I often screw up that prescheduling thing).Check out:Cyndi @ Cyndistitches AND Gemma @ PrettyBobbins AND Caryn! I have to also point out that my TGIFF co-host-bestie, MR who has … Read More

Travellin’PicStitch: Mesa Verde Edition

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 Mesa Verde was one of my favourite parks for both scenery and interesting history.  It was one national park that we can largely thank women for, but try finding that information on-line…  Gender politics aside, here is my Mesa Verde palette. I’m pretty sure the dark apricot colour is the tourists shirt, but it’s not too far off the paint … Read More

Travellin’ Pic Stitch: the Vegas Star

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When in Vegas… As Tammy had so kindly already chosen a photo AND fabric for us, it was a piece of cake to pull a block together on the road trip! Lucky cos I was FAR to busy having fun to take photos or choose fabric!!! This bundle is available at Marmalade Fabrics here and contains 1 fat quarter of each of the following: Heath … Read More

Monumental photography and fabric shooting

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After Mesa Verde and the guns excitement that was Cortez Colorado (not really guns excitement Mum, we just found all the ‘ammo, liquor and jewellery’ shops funny and very different to Utah), we slipped over the border into New Mexico, then to Arizona, then back to Utah for some more shooting… of the photographic kind. Monument Valley is famous for … Read More

Messin’ in Mesa (Verde)

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Mesa Verde was one of my favourite spots so far. It’s a world heritage site located in southwestern Colorado, near the town of Cortez (where we found a quilt shop – hurrah). Being lazy, I don’t think I can explain it any better than the park’s website, which states: Mesa Verde, Spanish for green table, offers a spectacular look into … Read More

Laura’s SLC Bloghop Block…

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Hurrah! I’ve finished my first block for the Travellin’ Pic Stitch Bloghop. This first one is based on Salt Lake City. I played with a few different pictures for SLC, taken on the clear shiny day that we visited the Mormon temple. Blue skies abounded so blue was a given. I also looked at this fellow and found similar colours … Read More