FMQAL – Guest post from Pam!!!

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No sooner had I decided that the Free-Motion Quilt-a-long was just for me than Pam from Sewing Up My Fabric emailed me saying how excited she was about joining in. 🙂 So after a few chats, Pam volunteered to design her own FMQ block for people to try. This is pretty amazing…   Pam has gone with the notion of … Read More


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  It’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with curves lately. Quilted ones that is… But when all is said and done, I’m not finding this block anything special. Looking at the low volume fabric on the right, I really should have tried a flower more like that… well there’s the inspiration for the next block!   There hasn’t been … Read More

Feathers take 4

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And we’re going back to the very beginning… Next verse, same as the first but a little bit louder and a little bit worse… Right at the start, we talked about breaking up our blocks. We’ve broken them up with ribbons, we’ve broken them up horizontally, and we’ve broken them up diagonally. For your last feathers block, break it up. … Read More

A QAYGFMQAL finishup!

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Seeing as I’m sharing other people’s quilts that I had a little bit to do with, I couldn’t let Pat’s QAYGFMQAL quilt go by without a mention here. Go and have a look at her finished quilt on her blog or all the blocks more closely here.  Pat’s was quilted all in Aurifil 50 weight, I’m going to list the finishes … Read More


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It is a HUUUUGGEEE finish for me this week. Yes, you guessed it, the FMQAL quilt is FINISHED. Mega thanks to Leah Day, Emma of Sampaguita Quilts, Helen Godden, Michelle Pearson, Cindy of Fluffy Sheep, and all the people who quilted or followed along! My quilt models would not behave – they were more interested in sniffing the section of … Read More

WIP and PMQG Rides again

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I haven’t WIP Wednesday’d for a while, so I figure it’s time. After getting the two quilts ready for QuiltWest (opens tomorrow but I can’t go till Saturday – stinky work!) I had to decide what to work on next. When I saw M-R’s post of her WTFMQAL, there was really little choice. From QuiltMatters Yes, it’s a FINISHED QAYGFMQAL … Read More

QAYGFMQAL: Joining blocks

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I have nothing for TGIFF this week – still working on finishing that darn Rabbit Tree for QuiltWest, our state’s biggest craft and quilting event, which kicks off in a little under two weeks. But it’s over at M-R’s so go on over and say hi. I haven’t done a linky party for the final row of the FMQAL because … Read More


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It’s a very special Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday for me, because I have FINISHED all the blocks for my quiltalong. When I had this crazy idea last year that I would try and learn some more free motion quilting designs to make a quilt-as-you-go quilt and run my own quiltalong, I kinda thought I was crazy. But I was … Read More

FMQAL Feathers and Flower Linky party

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  This post has been done well in advance – only a few days until I get reliable net access back – hooray! So how have you been doing with the FMQing? Time to link up and show us. You may have done Leah Day’s fabulous blocks. You may have done my feathers, or some variation. Or you may have … Read More

FMQAL – catchup

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And hard on the heels of week 5’s first two blocks, here is the catchup block from last week. Well, TWO catch up blocks actually, so you can choose which you want.  Aren’t I nice? Geometric spirals Fireballs “Wow, how you’ve improved Laura!” I hear some of you say. “Look at those amazingly even stitches!” “Hang on, the stitching on … Read More