FMQAL Row 1, Blocks 3 and 4.

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How did your first two blocks go? I’ll post a linky party next week so you can link up pictures of your first four blocks. So rest for a week, or catch up, and join the party! Or, if you’re an eager beaver and a flickr fan, I’ve set up a flickr group for sharing on Lyn’s suggestion – thanks … Read More

FMQing at last! FMQAL Row 1, blocks 1 and 2

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Now the blocks are prepared, it’s time to start FMQing at last! I’m assuming you are familiar with FMQ basics so won’t go into that again. Cindy’s tips may be useful to reread (putting some calming music on would be a good idea if you’re not into singing lullabies!). Here are my top tips to remember: Blocks sandwiched and quilted … Read More

FMQAL – Pre-preparation

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 Here are a couple of pre-preparation bits I’ve been doing for the QAYGFMQAL.🙂 Quick quiz question for you: Lucy and others pointed out that I haven’t put in the total amount of solid material you need on the requirements list. That is because:a) it depends on what size quilt you are doingb) I am lazyc) Maths is not my strong … Read More

Choose your own Free Motion Adventure QAL

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Before I forget, Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday is over at LifeUnderQuilts this Friday. If you have a finish, hop over and join in! And now, back to our regular programming and a few more details about the FMQ Quilt-a-long. As I mentioned in an earlier post, you’re going to have choices – this is a ‘choose your own adventure’ … Read More

Quick excitement update

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A few quick excitements…1) Cara of is joining us as the final guest judge of the super secret Fat Quarter Shop 7.5-yard competition (oops did I let something else slip there?!) starting HERE on Boxing day (26/12). 2) I had an amusing exchange with Alex Veronelli from Aurifil who liked Giles’ idea of wrapping someone in Aurifil threads for publicity. But … Read More

FMQ Quiltalong Winner!

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Hurrah! It’s time to draw the Sew Mama Sew giveaway! (Double hurrah, I found out how to number comments so I didn’t have to count up to 600+).  First of all, a huge thanks to Brenda for providing the prize of a mystery fat quarter bundle. Luckily this time, there is not only one winner. Brenda is also  sponsoring the … Read More


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I am not good at keeping secrets. Holding in the sponsor-competition until December 26 may just kill me. And I already had one cat in the bag so two is too many. In my opinion, one cat in a bag is too many. I don’t like cats. Except this one – I’d brake for this one because he is awesome … Read More