FMQ at Avalon

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A few weeks ago, I had the chance to spend a weekend at the beautiful Avalon Homestead out in Toodjay with Michelle of Handcrafter’s House. The aim of the weekend was to learn to use rulers with the Sweet 16. Michelle said we’d be making something like this. Or this. Ha. I thought Michelle was delusional. But we set up the Sweet … Read More

Dinosauring with Neeve

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Perth Modern Quilt Guild asked me to do a free-motion quilting skill-share session. We are having one skill-share each meeting and this month it’s my turn. As we’ve been doing a ‘how to appliqué’ series, it was suggested that I demonstrate FMQ appliqué and trapunto.  I had an idea but I had to enlist some help. Meet Neeve. Neeve is … Read More


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It’s a very special Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday for me, because I have FINISHED all the blocks for my quiltalong. When I had this crazy idea last year that I would try and learn some more free motion quilting designs to make a quilt-as-you-go quilt and run my own quiltalong, I kinda thought I was crazy. But I was … Read More

FMQAL Row 5 – It’s Leah Day Day!

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We are getting towards the end of Row 5 and I have a VERY special treat for you… The grand high priestess of Free-motion Quilting Leah Day has designed us two Flower blocks for the Feathers and Flowers row! Wow, wow and wow. Leah has done a fantastic video (which includes a very brave attempt at saying Quokka twice) – … Read More

FMQAL Row 5 – Feathers!

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 I appear to have got my weeks mixed up, so instead of my intended celebrity guest, you have ME again! Lucky you! Actually, I’ve been dying to do feathers – I did practice a bit on my ‘create’ pillow – I’d recommend doodling these first. And a few glasses of wine, especially with the second one. And as this was … Read More


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We’re onto row four. I had planned to do four blocks of McTavishing, but I was having so much fun with the landscapes and seascapes idea that I kept going. But never fear, McTavishing lends itself well to seascapes, so we’ll get onto that next week. For this week, two more landscapes. Or plantscapes really. A rose by any other … Read More

FMQAL Row 3: Blocks 3 and 4

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Hello! I’m back and I’m warning you, I woke up at 4am, didn’t get back to sleep until 6, alarm went off at 6:30, I went to work, got called to super important meeting at Parliament House with a Minister (never been there before, was quite awed) so I’m not sure how much sense I’ll make. I’m pressing Schedule and … Read More

TGIFF: Madness

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 Do you ever have a totally mad idea take hold that just won’t let go? So much that you HAVE to see if you CAN do it?I have nearly called my neighbour over a dozen times (he is one of the men in white coats).It’s all QuiltJane‘s fault. Her with her Dress Up Your Roll competition. I started off being … Read More

FMQAL: Row 3, Blocks 1 and 2: Landscapes and seascapes

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I haven’t been sleeping on the job of the FMQAL, I swear! Unlike the other member of this household I could mention… (DON’T ask about the sewing machine. I have BAD sewing mahcine karma. To cut a long story short, I have a loan Artista while the 820 gets fixed from being ‘fixed’). This week starts off a part of … Read More

QAYGFMQAL Row 1 Linky party!

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I’ve decided that every third week of the quiltalong will be break week so you can catch up, I can have a rest, and if you are all up to date, you can post what you’ve done. 🙂 I have seen a little bit of the progress through a couple of blog posts and via the Flickr group. Here’s one … Read More