Metro Hoops quilting progress

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Do you ever get quilter’s block? Either getting sick of a project and putting it aside or just not being able to sew at all? Term 2 has been so hectic, facing the sewing machine to quilt has seemed like more work. Nevertheless, I’ve snatched a few minutes sewing here and there between marking, report writing and lesson prep and made … Read More

TGIFF Scattered Tula

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Well it’s been a while since I posted! 2016 has been HECTIC so far! I started quilting when I stopped teaching and now I’ve restarted teaching I’ve been questioning whether I’m ever going to get any sewing finished ever again! But TGIFF gives me the kick up the butt I need and (drum roll please!) I have a finish! Despite … Read More

Free-motion foxy

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    Last weekend I had breakfast out with three of my quilty friends, who then came over to continue the gossip over tea and bakery treats. Janine (whose husband says she carries a little black hole with her) managed to leave her copy of The Enchanted Forest and take my copy of The Secret Garden. When I saw Mr Foxy (or … Read More

Mondrian Madness – TGIFF!

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Wow wow wow!!! This has been a LONG time coming! But I am happy to announce that my Mondrian Madness quilt is finished! Well, almost. Melody is pointing out that I have missed a bit… We are not impressed… Even though we are the honoured quilt dog for this project, being mostly black and white… But I am writing this … Read More

TGIFF – Sort of…

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The thing I am REALLY grateful is finished – and the reason I’ve been very quiet – is my job hunt. I’ve had the last six months off on long service leave after 8 or so years with government, and the last three years of that have been just hanging in by the skin of my teeth to get that leave. … Read More


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  On the second day of the Free-motion Feathers workshop I went to, we had the choice to complete a structure piece or just go mad practising feathers. I opted to go mad.  I just wasn’t in the mood to work within the lines… I googled a picture of a peacock, sketched the outline of the bird, the brand and … Read More

Busy hands…

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It has been a difficult week or two for me. A recurrent sinus infection knocked me about for a week before I’d booked in to go to a free-motion feathers class out at Handcrafter’s House – so bad, I nearly had to cancel despite having done little besides nurse it. I got home tired, exhausted and out of sorts after … Read More

The Dinosaurs depart

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You might remember that I enlisted the help of an 8 (sorry, almost 9) year old to draw some dinosaurs for an appliqué project. Well Miss Neeve and her brother Kai’s dinosaur cushions have been appliquéd and FMQ’d within an inch of their lives and have been delivered. Here are both cushions with their guard dog. And just to show … Read More

QCR initiation and a bit of leave

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It has been a long time between posts, but hopefully that is about to change! After 9 months being flat tack at work giving birth to 7 websites (with the help/hinderance of about 36 people whose greatest experience of writing online was having a Facebook account – shudder), I’m on leave. In Australia, we have the opportunity of long service … Read More