Sunday Stash – Japan

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I’ve just had almost two weeks in Japan for the school holidays with my mum… Lucky, lucky me. I loved Japan – I have so many stories and pictures but I will save those for another post. Today is all about FABRIC ladies and gentlemen… While our timing was just perfect to catch the end of the cherry blossom season, … Read More

Stash Sunday

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I’m not much of a joiner when it comes to Stash Sunday. I really don’t need the encouragement to buy fabric. And I’ve been REALLY good recently… up until lately… (By the way, if you want to win a shopping voucher from the Fat Quarter Shop, check my previous post.) When Heather Ross’s reprint of Far Far Away was announced … Read More

Flimsy finish Friday

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TGIFF is MEANT to be here but I’ve been somewhat in absentia and only have a flimsy finish. So Serena at SewGiving is taking the reins for March – hop on over and say hi!

Stash love …

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Last week, I woke up to the sad news that US postage was increasing yet again. Ms QuiltJane wrote on Facebook: USPS international envelope will now be $US23.95 to Australia. This is like 2.4 yards of fabric being sucked up into shipping. Certainly depressing news for the fabric enthusiast. Based on a 7 yard parcel, the price of fabric per … Read More

Monumental photography and fabric shooting

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After Mesa Verde and the guns excitement that was Cortez Colorado (not really guns excitement Mum, we just found all the ‘ammo, liquor and jewellery’ shops funny and very different to Utah), we slipped over the border into New Mexico, then to Arizona, then back to Utah for some more shooting… of the photographic kind. Monument Valley is famous for … Read More

TGIFF September Storyboek

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It’s my week for Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday¬†and my LAST one till December as I’m off to Sewing Summit – Hawaii, Salt Lake City, then Thelma and Louise type road trip with Katy! If you haven’t come via the TGIFF website, there’s a really special song. I’ll give you 30 seconds to run over, press play, and dash back. … Read More

WIP Wednesday and a giveaway!

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Last week, two Fabulous Things happened.1. I hit 400 followers. 2. I got a parcel of fabric I’d ordered from Fabricworm. It was the best fabricporn ever, so I wrote a little poem. That’s how excited I got. Fabricworm is and has been one of my favourite shops since I started ordering online. No, they’re not a sponsor. (No, I’m … Read More

An Ode to Fabricporn

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Fabricworm, how I love thee, let me count the ways. Thy lovely site with fabricporn doeth brighten up my days. Fabricworm lovelies Thy frequent sales and custom bundles my fickle heart make beat Thy service grand, thy cutting straight, thy speedy post is fleet. Scamper, By Rebekah Ginda Thy Heather Ross and Kokka sets, thy illustrious solids collection They bringeth … Read More

A few of my favourite things

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I’m so proud of me!!! Look at this: Ta da! Modern fabrics. The black n white cross hatch is from Pink Castle fabrics. The cream text you see is from the NEW Sweetwater line called Sew Mama Sew! It is fabulous. It’s not even out in the States till around August I believe, but the lovely QuiltJane of WantItNeedItQuilt gets … Read More

WIP Wednesday

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Do you piece for peace? Life has been so chaotic around here with Patches passing, new job, relationship issues and the sewing machine playing up (I swear I have bad sewing machine karma) that I’ve been cutting (fabric, not myself) and piecing… Sometimes, sewing mindless straight lines is good. Sometimes, concentrating on getting pieces in the right pattern and order … Read More