On my broomstick

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Yes I’m a witch. Or I’ve been bewitched. By broomstick lace… I signed up for another Craftsy class – Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace – and I got hooked. Or sticked. Broomstick lace is basically crochet with a big fat knitting needle thrown in when you feel like it. Size 50 needles are impossible to find here, so I ended up … Read More


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You leave the room for 5 minutes and look what happens… Up to part 7 of Sophie’s Universe.

Lilypond finish!

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Spring has sprung, the flowers are out and Melody has had her first haircut for the season… We have a visitor, Jasper the red border collie, who wasn’t too impressed at being made to sit near the flowers due to the abundance of bees… Some other flowers are out as well – out of the way. Yes, miracles do happen. … Read More

Lilypond Sunday

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This Tuesday is the last day of pattern release for the Stylecraft Lilypond Crochet-a-long. I keep wanting to say quilt-a-long – there are some similarities. Like quilting, there are blocks and each block is an achievement. This is still my favourite. Unlike quilting, you can put them together before the whole thing is finished and as in this case, the … Read More


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It’s official. I’m hooked. The weather is colder and there is no heating in my sewing room so it’s a lot easier to sit with a lapdog and do some hooking. 😉  Here’s my progress… Sophie’s Universe CAL It’s quite large. It needs a dog for perspective. Where’s Melody when you need her?  The Stylecraft Lilypad CAL There she is. … Read More

Good weather for ducks

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It has been tipping it down. Most unusual for us. I asked the girls if they wanted to get off the couch and go for a W-A-L-K. This was the response. It cleared up for about 20 mins, so I put on the raincoats. There was still a brief consultation along the lines of “Is she cray-cray?”   Melody certainly … Read More

Sophie’s Garden

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Oh dear, I’m hooked… I did get a quilt back on the S16 – my Urban Rings mammoth effort – but the S16 started clunking. Several rethreadings later I gave up and sat on Pinterest for a while. Uh oh. Bad mistake. Discovered the Sophie’s Garden Crochet along and fell in love – again. I am so fickle… Here’ s … Read More


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Winter is approaching and we have been getting into wool around here… Some of us more than others. Scarlett helpfully removed the labels from a number of balls of wool that I left on the floor in a bag… Yes, that was a timesaver. Except for the untangling required…. I fell in love with this dusky sky chunky wool and … Read More

Crochet = danger

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I had plans for the Easter weekend. Nothing terribly exciting. Catch up with friends and family. Go out. Walk the dogs (2 visiting cavaliers so wrestle may be a better verb). Scrape and paint the eaves. Bit of gardening. The kind of projects you feel like you have the leisure to attack on a four day break. None of that … Read More