TGIFF – What Cancer Cannot Do

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I finished the cancer quilt. I apologise for the photos – I was working to a deadline, so I finished this FAST and have only had this evening to take photos. And indoor night time photos are NOT my forte.

Today is a lady at work’s last day for a while – her 29 year old son goes into hospital today to undergo his last-ditch stem-cell transplant and series of chemo. I wanted to have this finished to give to her – either to hold or to give to the Cancer Council – in the coming days/months.

Not terribly impressed with my quilting but you can’t see alot from the front.

It’s hard to cut when the quilt-dog-in-training gets involved.

I’ll try and take some better photos in the morning. In the meantime, send good wishes and prayers the way of Loretta, Troy and family… And link up if you have a finish…

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