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Hello hello! And welcome to the first TGIFF of 2015! Doesn’t it feel strange writing that?

It’s a big finish for me – size wise and lengthwise – as this is one of  my longer projects…

Amy Butler’s Soul Blossoms is one of the first fabric lines I fell in love with. I ordered the FQ bundle off E-bay – I think it was the first one I bought. It sat around while I decided what to do with it, and when I got hold of Elizabeth Hartman’s Practical Guide to Patchwork, one of the projects in it inspired this. I didn’t follow the pattern – I rarely do. It just evolved…


I started this on a weekend escape to the country. I think it was my second solo holiday ever. I’d just been through the wringer, losing a job and a relationship in a single week, and my life felt like the bit in a rom-com where everything goes wrong. So I packed up the (old) dogs and the sewing machine, my laptop, some DVDs and some books, and took off for the country.
It took me forever to decide how to quilt this. I actually started, unpicked and restarted a number of times. The answer is obvious now – I should have sent it OUT to be quilted and had it done in SLQ around the boxes or FMQ all over – but I persisted. I hate SLQ – I get far too bored – and turning a QS quilt in a little domestic machine was a nightmare… so the quilting is a little pschitzophrenic as my quilting has evolved over the years and the machines have got bigger and better…


I nearly gave up on it a number of times. Ultimately, I just wanted it FINISHED and out of the way. Have you ever had a project you’ve just fallen out of love with?


So it is now finished, Scarlett-tested and out of the way. I gave it to my neighbour for Christmas as it needed to go to a home where it would be appreciated. She loved it. 🙂

That’s my mega-finish. One QS down, two to go.

My New Year’s quilty resolutions are:

  • to finish my Mondrian quilt before the end of summer
  • to finish my QCR Metro Hoops QS quilt before winter … well, before the end of winter
  • to not start more projects than I finish
  • not have more than one QS quilt on the go at any one time!!!!
  • to use up more fabric than I buy (haha, see how long this one lasts…)

What are yours?

Please join up if you have a finish but we’re having to delete far too many links from the party lately… So please:

  • make sure it’s a finish
  • make sure you link back to TGIFF.

Happy New Year!


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20 Comments on “TGIFF: Soul Blossoms”

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  2. That is a very large quilt, and it must feel so freeing to have it completed and gifted! Well done! I really like the photo of Scarlett yawning as she tests it out for you. 🙂 And good luck with your 2015 goals – I hope you have a fantastic year. I would really like to find time to make some personal projects and work from my stash more this year.

  3. Well, you may have fallen out of love with her… But I am sure your neighbour adores this big beautiful girl! However, I have been there and sometimes it’s all for the best. Looking forward to seeing more gorgeous finishes to come in 2015! Happy New Year, Laura!

  4. I think the quilt is lovely. I hate that you fell out of love with her, but I completely understand how that could happen. That’s probably why the majority of the larger quilts I have pieced are still in a pile waiting to go to the long arm quilter. I’d rather wait until I have the $ to have them quilted properly than to sit at my machine frustrated that I cannot get the quilting I want from my machine (at least not with my current skill set). I hope your 2015 is filled only with projects you still love at the end.

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  7. Beautiful quilt! I especially love the quilting! I cannot imagine doing that on a home machine! I’ve done a few huge quilts, but I know my limits! Good for you for sticking to it!

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  9. Gorgeous quilt :). Love the fabric and pattern used :). Not surprised that the neighbour loves it :).

  10. Happy New Year Laura! I wasn’t organised enough to link up sorry! I think I fall out of love at some point with every quilt I’ve made (except my AMH feathers!), it’s really annoying!! I really like that fabric line and think the design suits it perfectly. Lucky neighbour 🙂

  11. Lucky, lucky neighbour! Soul Blossoms was my first fabric love, too. It started me off on patchwork and quilts so we’re sort of ‘Soul Blossom’ sisters! Wishing you a fabulous 2015.

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