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The thing I am REALLY grateful is finished – and the reason I’ve been very quiet – is my job hunt. I’ve had the last six months off on long service leave after 8 or so years with government, and the last three years of that have been just hanging in by the skin of my teeth to get that leave. I had the intention of taking a couple of months off, spending a couple of months job hunting, and then trying a new job for a couple of months. That didn’t exactly work. The economic downturn has hit us rather belatedly in Western Australia and jobs have not been forthcoming. I was starting to get quite panicky, despite having a job to go back to. I just really didn’t want to…

Then in the last week of my leave, everything happened at once. A job came up, it felt right and I gave notice on my birthday. Best birthday present ever… Four days at the old job, goodbye to some great people, and hello University of Western Australia… The funny thing is, the University is known for its peacocks and a few months ago I stitched this, which is now hanging on my office wall. Yes, I have an office – with a view of the Swan River…



So apparently I can make things happen by sewing them… One week in the new job and I am loving it. I feel like I’ve been in a cage for years and now someone has come and adopted me and let me out to run and play and chase balls … Well, not exactly chase balls, but DO things that I CAN do and am good at without trying to control my every move… So the uncertainty of the last few months/years is finished and THAT is my real celebration.

With all that happening <cough> I didn’t actually get any sewing projects finished… Shame. On. Me.

I do have two projects just requiring binding (and in this case a bit of hand stitching) so I’ll show them off because it’s my linky party today. So there. 😛

The QAYGFMQAL is NEARLY there…. I am still nailing down the best way to join the blocks. Stay tuned…



Secondly, my friend Anne did a batik workshop in Bali recently and asked if I could “do something” with her masterpiece. So I’ve quilted it for her. I am SO impressed with her painting! I love batik paintings as a good way to practise FMQ. This one is also to be bound…



I hope you’ve had more luck finishing things off than I have! Time to link up. Make sure you link back to TGIFF or here and do go and visit some other finishers to help them celebrate!

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24 Comments on “TGIFF – Sort of…”

  1. Your post has cheered me up Laura, I’m so happy that you found the right job for you … and your view … well I can only imagine how beautiful it must be! Can you quilt me a sold sticker for my house … I’m about to put it on the market – thanks!

  2. Congratulations on the new job Laura, I understand completly about “hanging in there for Long Service” and the stiffling atmosphere in some situations, All behind me now i have retired, thank goodness, but that was born out of similar feelings. The beautiful peacock must have been an omen, and now becomes your mascot. Love your TGI (A) FF

  3. Congratulations on the new job 🙂 I know what that is like “hanging in there” for some reason (my reason was for my yr 12 students – when I really didn’t like the school or the lack of support from other staff members “in power” – but once i went to teach elsewhere my happiness returned :D) I hope you enjoy your new job, and the adventures it will bring.

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  5. Congrats! What’s the new role?
    No more forcing yourself to go to a job that makes you unhappy, no more stress over finding a new job.. Bet you’re feeling great.
    Love that batik painying. Your friend is so talented

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  7. How exciting to have this new job! Very happy for you. I remember the post about the peacock. What a great coincidence!

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