TGIFF November

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I handed over TGIFF this month to the very talented Janice at Better off Thread, but I do actually have a finish or six! First, do you love our new-look button?

Thanks to Em at StitchedByMoonlight for doing the new funky graphics for us!

A colleague at work admired my Kate Spain iPad cosy-case, and asked me to make one for her. Some people aren’t too fussed about fabric, but Anne took was as fussy as me at coming up with just the combination she wanted. She chose some of my favourite Hoodie fabrics to snuggle her iPad. (I haven’t QUITE finished) – there’s a little spot I missed which I have now redone before topstitching and adding a snap.

I love the colours and the design. The bikes are gorgeous and that Eiffel Tower is just beautiful. I have seen the real thing sparkle at night and it’s a sight I will never forget.

I lined the case with some black and white Eiffel Tower fabric from Spotlight. It will be on Anne’s desk when she gets in Monday morning.

I really do adore this fabric, so … I made myself a notebook cover with the scraps. It has a little pocket on the inside for any stray notes.
Notepad with my packing list!

Now head on over to Janice’s, and if you haven’t head about TGIFF’s OctoberQuest, better read up on that before linking up your finishes. You have a whole month to enter!

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