TGIFF – a travel finish!

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TGIFF this week is BACK in Canada at MR’s Quiltmatters where it should be on the second Friday of the month!

As I said in the last post, not much besides sewing and travelling swimming around my head at the moment. But a brainwave struck and I made this for me.

Oooh, pretty pretty Kate Spain fabric. :D. 
My lovely friend Bev can make buttons. She has magic button making skills. I don’t know what the incantation is but it makes pretty buttons.

I had some problem with the binding. This is a prototype and it will do for me, but the next one WILL BE BETTER. I learnt things making this. Like bulldog clips would be useful when sewing fabric. And my bias maker is not so hard to use. And practice makes perfect with zippers.
So what’s inside?

4 pendants, 4 (ok three, one was missing) pairs of earrings, two bangles and a silver choker I got in Ubud in Bali on a back street for a song. The blue diachronic glass pendant (2nd from bottom left) was made by my clever friend Jacqui who swapped it for some Flower Fairies Fabric. I was glad the Flower Fairies went to a good home and I LOVE my swap! 🙂

So any jewellery I want to take will be snuggly in its case and won’t get tangled up. The plastic pockets mean I’ll be able to see it quickly and I used an almost solid deliberately so it would show up. Don’t want earrings hiding amidst a busy print now, do we?!

I’m really happy with this AND the new camera AND my new design software. I might try and perfect this pattern and make it as my first REAL pattern. 🙂

Ciao for now! Hop on over to Quiltmatters to check out the other finishes!

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