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  It’s Friday and thanks to TGIFF giving me a boot up the backside, I’ve got some sewing done!!!

It’s been a lot of small sewing – earbud pouches and sunglasses cases – but it’s FINISHES and you can’t dispute that!!!

I’ll even throw in a free sewing tip. The tip is:

Clean up your sewing machine area in between projects.

Also known as “don’t try to do 12 things at once”.


Tip is also the word my mother uses to describe my sewing room. Ok ok, my whole house.

Back to the finishes

4x Earbud cases (pattern from Dog Under My Desk)


3x sunglasses cases (yay! Summer is coming! We’ve got a month of winter left but I can get ready early, can’t I?)



These are nearly all spoken for, so I’m going to have to keep going if I’m going to be ready for Christmas (yeah, I’m planning ahead). Happy Friday! What have you been working on?


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  3. I really need to start following your tip. I have too many ideas and projects going on at one time. Clearing everything off will make it so much easier to focus on the task at hand!

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