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Well all I can say is that the Fairies must have finished this as I’ve been so busy at work I’ve been barely coherent. So this is going to be a very brief post.

This is a quilt that has LURKED. It’s been on my ‘guilt’ list. It was one of the first pieces of fabric I bought online. This is what it looked like. (Apologies. Phone photo from yonks ago).

This is what those blocks look like now:

Since then, I’ve discovered modern quilting. These were NEVER my colours hence taking forever to finish it. My mum was also an influence in my decision to buy the fabric but DOESN’T WANT A QUILT. On top of that, this quilt was unfortunate enough to encounter the terrible Singer machine and it was SOOOO frustrating that the walking foot didn’t… so it kept getting put aside. Given all this, the motivation to finish just hasn’t been there.

Fairies outlined in clear Aurifil invisible thread

But it’s finished, it’s beautiful (even if it’s not ME) and I’m sure some little girl would love it. But THANK THE FAIRIES IT’S FINISHED!!! Your turn to linky up!

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