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On the second day of the Free-motion Feathers workshop I went to, we had the choice to complete a structure piece or just go mad practising feathers. I opted to go mad.  I just wasn’t in the mood to work within the lines…

I googled a picture of a peacock, sketched the outline of the bird, the brand and the sun onto my black homespun, and went to work.

Feather workshop practice pieces


I started by outlining the bird in a peacock blue variegated Wonderfil rayon 40 weight, and then worked on his tail feathers. I filled in the rest of the bird and then swapped to an orange variegated thread of the same type to work on the sunset.


I used the Sweet 16, a size 18 needle, and mostly 40 weight Wonderfil in rayon. The Wonderfil was a delight to work with. The S16 handles most threads very well. There was a bit of fraying, but not much. The branch was the only part done in a different thread – I used a flat gold Mettler Polysheen. I hated it. It split and fractured and broke after the sewing, so is being unpicked and redone.  featherwrkshopthreadI learnt a lot about feathers, about thread, and about my machine… I also learnt what I can do when I let go, stop thinking “I can’t do that…” and just sew. I can still see a thousand mistakes, but I’m really very proud of this piece of work.  It marks a very hard day, out of which something good came.

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  1. you are right to be proud, it is a wonderful piece. Hang it where you can see it whenever the doubts creep in.

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