Straight line free motion quilting – borderline madness

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Well we have bade farewell to our two visitors and are back to two cavaliers hanging out on the couch… 4cavswindow

It’s a little easier to get quilting done without a random dog trying to lie on the foot pedal, so I have actually got a little further with quilting my Mondrian quilt.

This is the flimsy two years ago (you can see how Scarlett has grown in the photo above!) … and I have now finished quilting ALL THAT NEGATIVE SPACE and I’m onto the borders.  Hurrah!


For the borders, I decided triangles would work nicely – why not? It’s got everything else in the main body. I have a quarter inch thick right angle ruler from Sunset Seams that I use for straight line free motion quilting – which isn’t easy on a queen size quilt. Trust me, I did enough of it on the main body of the quilt.

I ruled a line across the ruler on the diagonal – can you see the black marks? – and used that against the 1/4″ outline of the boarder to give me a triangle shape.


I’m pretty sure it won’t fit perfectly size wise along the length of the quilt but I was bright enough to start at the ends where it kinda needs to match up and will show… I normally figure that sort of thing out at the end, not when I actually need to. Three cheers for me. (Wipes brow).

I then went with a fleur-de-lis type design in the triangles – FMQ, unmarked… Not perfect but it’s all practice.


Getting there!!!


8 Comments on “Straight line free motion quilting – borderline madness”

  1. Oh I hope you bring this one into the Guild when you’ve finished, can’t wait to see it in real life!

  2. This quilt is beautiful. I love your Sweet Sixteen. I have been fmq on my home machine for years and when I saw this machine a couple years ago I was smitten….wanted one. Thru the turn of several events I ended up with a Gammill longarm quilter “given” to me. So that is the new love in this house. I may not have my sit down quilter but I am enjoying the machine I do have.

  3. The is going to be a stunner when it’s done. Love your plans for the border.
    And oh how cute Scarlet was way back when 🙂

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