Shopping in Vegas baby!

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When you pay $24/yard at home at ‘proper’ quilt shops (which surprise surprise have nearly all shut down on my side of Oz – thanks Australian import taxes) or pay $17.95 postage to get 8.5 yards posted from the US, you can be excused for going a little mad on your birthday.
We hit Quiltique which is about halfway between Hoover Dam and Vegas on 27 October. It was magical. The first shop outside SLC that had modern fabrics galore, and about 4 times the size of any we visited in SLC.

You can see a Kona solids Jelly Roll, some Washi (there’s a fair bit of Painter’s Canvas hiding under there), some Ghastlies, a range of texty stuff, some penguins (forget the line), some Sew Mama Sew, a sparkly red Christmas print, some Dear Stella in low volume colours…

Oooh and some vinyl of the French texty fabric and some linen…
More camera tips from Katy, interpreted by yours truly:
inside at night under bad light – increase the ISO (these were 1600 I think) and decrease the aperture number… No flash! Ok, they’re not brilliant, but let’s blame the RV factor, shall we? 🙂

Now I’m home and unpacked, I’ll hopefully find some time to post some photos of the ENTIRE collection from the trip as well as some more photos of the other magnificent spots we visited!

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