Sew What? The dressmaking edition

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I hate photos of myself, so I hope you realise how rare this is… And it’s really hard to get a good selfie…


Occasionally I buy around 3 yards of fabric with the intention of making a dress. I have one favourite go-to pattern, and a couple of others knocking around. For the dresses here, I used two patterns and deciding to be brave, made a few adaptions…

The Little Black Dress

I hadn’t tried this pattern before but had quite a lot of a slightly stretchy black brocade fabric. It was originally intended to be a long winter skirt but has been sitting in the cupboard for years and I was feeling reckless… Here’s what happened.


The pattern is three pieces – front and two back with a back zipper. It’s meant to be slit up the back but it was quite short, which I didn’t register before I started cutting. Rather than feel self-conscious about the length and my chunky knees, I decided to add a bit of sheer fabric to lengthen it. Pretty happy with the result. Good for work or going out!

The Cartoon Connection

The problem with making one thing is that you inevitably need to go to a fabric shop to buy something. A zipper or thread or something. And then fabric jumps out at you… This black and white cartoon stretch cotton lycra tackled me… I used the same pattern as above but modified the neckline. I love this one. Cool. Casual. Fun. And Melody approves of the colours.


LauraCartoondressMelLe Piece De Resistance

Four years ago when going to Sewing Summit, I rashly ordered 3 yards of Tula Pink’s fabulous squirrel print from The Birds and the Bees. My friend Janine messaged me not long before this sewing fit started saying “Your squirrel fabric is selling for $80-100/m!!! You should sell it!”. Um no I shouldn’t, I thought. I should cut it up. So I did.

Squirrels on your boobs – what more could a girl want?! SquirrelDressMel

(My friend’s husband said he liked the dress but didn’t think much of my handbag in the above photo).Squirreldress3

Thanks again to Natascha for the photos!  We had a ball taking them – I love all these and feel so much happier wearing them now!!!

4 Comments on “Sew What? The dressmaking edition”

  1. Hi Laura! I love your handbag!!! Beautiful dresses too! I think you photos are very good and you look lovely! I have to take selfies and almost never do that. Terrible to think how other people see me all the time. Happy new year! x Teje

  2. All three dresses are fabulous. I think the cartoon one is my favourite. I bought the Washi dress pattern but haven’t been brave enough to try it yet.

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