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When it comes down to it, humans need help from dogs in most things they do. That’s my firm belief.

Hi, I’m Scarlett and I’m a Quiltdog…
Sunnyside Crib Quilt
At the start of the quilting process, you need to lay on the pieces to hold them in place. This ensures the human gets a good view of what the quilt will look like as a finished product on behalf of all people who have dogs. You wouldn’t want the quilt to turn out to be unbalanced looking once a dog lies on it. So dog-on-quilt is an integral part of the design process.

It’s also important to challenge the human’s preconceived notions of order by getting up, turning around, and lying back down again, rearranging any pieces into a more comfortable order.

scarlett on the Sunnyside

You also need to lie RIGHT ACROSS the quilt when the human is trying to cut the edges off after quilting. This is to ensure that they don’t cut too much off and that they are not bound by such outdated concepts as straight or square edges. Feel free to run away with and eat the leftover pieces of fabric.

My human removes the quilt for a while and plays with the machine-gun sounding thingy and some curvy rulers where I can’t supervise. (This is an example of the innate silliness of humans).
It does, however, get her this effect, which I thought was nicely suited to Kate Spain’s Sunnyside line of fabric.
Sunnyside Crib Quilt

Most importantly, ensure you reclaim the quilt at the photoshoot stage.Sunnyside Crib Quilt

Sunnyside Crib Quilt
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20 Comments on “TGIFF – Scarlett on the Sunnyside”

  1. Hi Scarlett! Well done – so adorable quilt! Your mom is lucky to have a such a good assistant – and beautiful! You have picked lovely sunshine colours and fabrics and the quilting is perfect! You could give some tips to Hanna. Hugs! x Teje

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  3. Scarlett, you are adorable and you look like the most perfect quilt holder! When and if you learn to hold quilts for photoshoots come on over for a visit because I can put you to work! I’ll pay you well in yummy treats too!

  4. Scarlett is adorable! I love your quilt too! I especially like what you did with the binding on the corners.

  5. My oldest son particularly appreciated this week’s edition of TGIFF. He kept looking at the photos and saying, “Mama! A doggie!!”

    And what an awesome quilt too! 🙂

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  7. LOL!! Your feline friends are very much in agreement with you, Scarlett! You are doing a great job with helping your mommy 🙂

    -Soma x

  8. Scarlett, you are just too sweet! You are sitting on a very pretty quilt. I won a bundle of that same fabric last year, and now you’ve given me yet another idea of how I can use it.

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