QAYGFMQAL – Final row – Feathers #1

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qaygbuttonWe had a great meeting at Perth Modern Quilt Guild on Sunday  It was our last week of me demo-ing FMQ (phew, I can relax now! My friend Emmy is going to demonstrate techniques for joining your blocks next month) and the first of our feathers blocks!

Now a lot of quilters love and aspire to quilting feathers, but they seem so hard. So for our first feather block, I showed off one that Madame Michelle of Handcrafter’s House showed me. (I suspect it’s a Jamie Wallen Feather but I learnt it from Michelle so I’m giving her the credit).

It looks complex, but trust me, it’s easy… and doesn’t it look impressive?!

Here’s the video that breaks it down for you!

Now go and feather!

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