QAYGFMQAL – Continuous line designs – Waves and fishes and more

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Do you remember making paper dollies when you were little? Or with your kids?

This sort of thing?

How about trying to quilt that? Last year I did a class with the amazing Helen Godden who introduced me to the idea of ‘continuous line designs’. Helen is a Sweet 16 Ambassador and an amazing artist. She’s so good at this she can do freaking kangaroos as continuous line designs.

helen godden FMQ
We’re not going to go that far unless you want to, but we are going to have a go at something a bit easier.

Waves and fishes

You’re going to need to draw yourself four lines to start with.

I’ll show you in the video how to do the waves and the fishes, but have a look at my finished blocks first. The are SO not perfect, but they are fun to do! I’m not sure which way some of those fishies are swimming, and to be honest, this was my second attempt, but the idea has a lot of potential.


You see I’ve done the same waves in the white border but echoed them on one side.

Dancing dollies

And now for the dollies. To mix it up a little, you could go with a wavy line instead of a straight one.

Here are my dancing dollies (and a little practice at McTavishing on the border). Yes, I drew myself a guideline for the arms too on this one.

Union Jacks

Finally, Molli Sparkles posted some Union Jack blocks around the time I was dreaming this up. I wondered if Jacks could be FMQ’d. They got a bit dodgy towards the end – more practice required, but that’s what it’s all about!  I felt a little unpatriotic so I practised FMQing some stars. I think I’m getting the hang of this now..

To see how it’s done, here’s the video.

What other designs can you think of that would work for these kind of line drawings?

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