Pouchy and scrappy

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My boss carries around a pouch which she claims to have paid $80 for years ago, but all the images have long since worn off and it is nothing so much as a dirty cream pouch now… She’s not in the least pretentious, but the dirty cream pouch offends my sense of style, so I had to have words with her about it…

She likes green and ‘hippy’ and she has 22 chickens (she brings the eggs to work to sell). That’s about all I had to go on. I couldn’t decide which fabric to go with so I ended up raiding the scraps…


I went with Vera’s One Exterior Piece Pouch pattern again. I think next time I’ll use the wide open mouth zipper method as it really needs tabbed ends. (I was in a hurry and forgot to do a few of my usual zipper tricks so I added the tab to the side of the pouch as a last minute thing).


But I was pleased with the egg fabric on the inside!!!


I hope she likes it!


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