Sunday Night 14th / Mon 15th

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Sunday night we experienced the famous Vancouver sushi – ridiculously cheap and too much for one person to eat, even after a full day’s site-seeing. After a lot of waiting around in -8 degrees for a number 70 bus (while 17s were whizzing past which we were actually meant to catch) we gave up and found a coffeeshop that had … Read More


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A 5 hour flight from Perth to NZ eliminated Friday night for us. We left Perth time 7pm, arrived in Auckland at 6am and about half an hour’s sleep. Not being much of a night owl at the best of times, my body clock was telling me it was 2am and time for some shut eye, and we still had … Read More

Made on the Left!

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Saturday was Made on the Left at the Hyde Park Hotel. It was a great day, very busy and very well supported. I had a steady stream of customers.I learnt a bit about set up and presentation – mainly that I should have asked for a large table! Sadly I sold my favourite little red bag! I was sorry to … Read More

Redesigning …

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I found the most hideous necklaces in a local store. Imagine, three strands of thickish blue, pink or green string knotted in groups of three, alternating a stone or three multicoloured mother-of-pearl type shell fragments between each knot. (Now I wish I’d taken a “before” photo). I didn’t think much of the shells at the time, but the blue stones … Read More

First market!

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Well I finally got business cards, a website and bought, begged or borrowed most of the stuff needed to set up a stall (thank you to Heather and Ana for the loan of various bits and pieces!), so I made my debut at the Wanneroo Craft Fair on 26 October. I set up beforehand as a practice run in my … Read More


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No one seems to have put the lyrics of the Garuda song on the web – what a terrible oversight! Here they are beneath the clip… Melayang tinggiMenjelejah segala benuaMengibarkan sangsaka (sang saka merah putih)mendebar citra bangsake seuluru duniaTerbanglahRefGaruda IndonesiaKebanggaan bersama yang selalu kita belahGaruda IndonesiaAkan ku jaga demi Nusabangsa Selalu ku jagaKesetiaan kepercayaandari para sahabat Garuda Indonesiasenantiasa bersama