More ear buds!

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There’s only really been time for little sewing projects lately. Sometimes you need a gift. Sometimes you need to use up scraps. And sometimes you just really need a finish! Dog Under My Desk’s earbud case pattern is one of my favourites because you can use up little scraps of batting and fabric and have a really fast finish in very … Read More

Blogging: Photography – setting the scene

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I am doing a presentation for WordPress Perth on hobby blogging… There are SO many aspects to blogging it is hard to know where to start and I do feel a bit like Jen on the IT Crowd when Moss and Roy lend her the internet, but I have learnt a bit over the years. One of the things I’ve struggled … Read More

Metro Hoops still going strong

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Despite the recent forages into crochet, I have made an effort to get to the Sweet 16 and continue working away at my QCR Metro Hoops. It’s tough going – double batted and Queensize with a big overlap so I need to celebrate every little achievement. Today’s is that I’ve finished outlining all the hoops and the secondary internal hoops. … Read More

Lilypond Sunday

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This Tuesday is the last day of pattern release for the Stylecraft Lilypond Crochet-a-long. I keep wanting to say quilt-a-long – there are some similarities. Like quilting, there are blocks and each block is an achievement. This is still my favourite. Unlike quilting, you can put them together before the whole thing is finished and as in this case, the … Read More

In the bag

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Goodness me. I’ve actually got some sewing done! I will forgive you if you thought I had disappeared off the face of the earth or thrown my sewing machines out the window. But circumstances have been conspiring to keep me from sewing AND blogging so it was a real effort to pull this one out the bag! More little scrappy … Read More

Scrappy rainbow bags

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After the success of my lime scrappy zipper bag, I decided to raid the scrap box and make a few more pouches to have on hand as gifts.   I was rushing a finish for TGIFF and totally screwed up the zipper on this one – lots of unpicking to do. Grr. But besides that, I really can’t decide which … Read More

Free-motion foxy

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    Last weekend I had breakfast out with three of my quilty friends, who then came over to continue the gossip over tea and bakery treats. Janine (whose husband says she carries a little black hole with her) managed to leave her copy of The Enchanted Forest and take my copy of The Secret Garden. When I saw Mr Foxy (or … Read More


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It’s official. I’m hooked. The weather is colder and there is no heating in my sewing room so it’s a lot easier to sit with a lapdog and do some hooking. 😉  Here’s my progress… Sophie’s Universe CAL It’s quite large. It needs a dog for perspective. Where’s Melody when you need her?  The Stylecraft Lilypad CAL There she is. … Read More

TGIFF: Guest post from Red Quilty Girl

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I don’t have a finish today. I haven’t been doing this, honestly… I did send out TGIFF SOS to my friend Janine. Besides her unique sense of direction and her complete inability to leave a place with the same set of items she arrived with, one of the things I love about Janine is that she comes through in a … Read More