Mod Medallion finish

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        We have a finish!! We can lay back and relax now!!! This is the Mod Medallion quilt from SewKindOfWonderful. Or is that a Melodyallion quilt? As Melody adopted my last tri-colour quilt, she was the front-runner for modelling this quilt. I’ve seen a lot of versions of this quilt with beautiful, intricate free-motion quilting, but the … Read More


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You leave the room for 5 minutes and look what happens… Up to part 7 of Sophie’s Universe.

TGIFF: Table Runner Friday

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I had to get something finished this month, and my QCR table runner was the obvious choice. It’s amazing what a difference quilting and binding can make! I debated on thread colour – whether to go metallic or monofil – and on design – mad feathers or something plain – and decided to go simple and let the colours sing… I … Read More

WIP Wednesday: 3 on the go

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      I had a lovely weekend with friends last week, down on the Dawesville Estuary south of Perth. Five of us camped out in a house overlooking the water and sewed and ate and drank champagne… And sewed and ate some more… I’ve been feeling rather blocked lately in the sewing space – too many other worries so … Read More

Lilypond finish!

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Spring has sprung, the flowers are out and Melody has had her first haircut for the season… We have a visitor, Jasper the red border collie, who wasn’t too impressed at being made to sit near the flowers due to the abundance of bees… Some other flowers are out as well – out of the way. Yes, miracles do happen. … Read More

TGIFF: A Saltwater Finish

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Do you ever just fall out of love with something? I bought the whole line of Tula Pink’s Saltwater a couple of years ago and it has been tormenting me ever since. I’ve made a few little things but just fell out of love with the line. I started hand piecing some drunkards path blocks with a vague idea in … Read More

Medallion progress – quilting begins

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Woohoo! Some progress at last! I decided to give my grey monster-quilt a bit of a rest and tackle something that wasn’t fifty shades of grey-and-green… So I got my Mod Medallion quilt basted and under the machine. First steps first – in the ditch and echoing the red medallions. My smaller oval arc quilting ruler and a straight edge were … Read More

Blog photos post-production (musings of a photo-dunce)

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You’ve set the scene – you’ve got the best light you can, you’ve chosen the backdrop and know what you want to say with your photo. You’ve pointed, clicked, taken a reasonable photo… now what? I have used various photo editing software over the years. Picasa is a great free go-to. I have Photoshop. I have been struggling with it since my … Read More

Almost finished Friday

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About a thousand years ago (or so it seems) I was a Bee-leader and asked for the Lemons and Limes block from Modern Blocks… One very good very stylish friend screwed up and made her block the wrong size, but she gave it to me anyway. I’m sure she did another one that went into the quilt but this one … Read More


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  It’s Friday and thanks to TGIFF giving me a boot up the backside, I’ve got some sewing done!!! It’s been a lot of small sewing – earbud pouches and sunglasses cases – but it’s FINISHES and you can’t dispute that!!! I’ll even throw in a free sewing tip. The tip is: Clean up your sewing machine area in between projects. Also … Read More