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Has the last month flown by for anyone else? Since the end of October, I’ve accepted a new job for next year, resigned my current job, been to Indonesia for a 20 year reunion, booked another trip to Indonesia… and on the bus to my LAST DAY at work today, I realised that:

  • It’s December
  • It’s the first Friday of December
  • It’s TGIFF day
  • I don’t have a finish.

Ooops! You will have to forgive me. The last several years at work really have been … well, pretty miserable to be honest. I’ve felt directionless and unsure of what to do with myself. A lot of reflection, soul-searching and job applications and rejections later, and a decision has been made. I’m going back to teaching. I’m really excited and finally feel like I’m running towards something rather than away from something. I feel like I’m coming out of a long, dark tunnel.

I am sure reality will set in and the rose-coloured glasses will drop off, but at the moment, I’m looking forward to two whole months off, three weeks in Indonesia getting my language back up to speed, and then a 4 day work week for 2016 which should afford me more time for sewing! And I shall also hopefully be teaching a bit of sewing too!

I do actually have a finish, which I forgot to photograph, but it’s a Christmas present so just as well. I have a heap on the go, including quilted chair covers for my outdoor chairs which seem to have turned prickly in the last year. I was ready to throw them out when my neighbour threw down the challenge of recovering them, or making covers. Here’s my prototype effort nearly finished.


In terms of inspiration, this arrived yesterday – wooohoo!! And a QCR mini is on order for me at my LQS – just waiting for that to come in from the US.


Out for yum cha with the quilty girls on Sunday and I spotted this poster. I am going to have to see if I can turn my hand to this with the QCR too. image

Yes, it’s been a busy year… MR has been feeling it too, so we are looking for two more lovely people to help us run TGIFF in 2016 – please let us know if you are interested and we’ll tell you what’s involved!

I have more to share but nothing TGIFF worthy today, so let’s get on with the party! Remember to visit some others and only link up your finishes!

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  1. I’m really happy that you have found work you are excited about. Loving what you do is so important. Oh and those chairs are going to be lovely! Thank you for hosting TGIFF this week… with or without a finish! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the new job!! What a wonderful opportunity for you. I admire the courage it took to make the change and I hope that it will be good.

  3. Dear Laura, I’m so happy for your new job! Sounds like it’s perfect for you and how great you will have some free time, too. Just a poerfect photo: at the end of dark tunnel there is always light and happy puppy to cheer us up!
    It’s fun to find quilt inspiration like you did. For us it has also been frustrating with the work. Situation is here very difficult and even we get lots of tourists each year, they are not able to do much shopping. We were lucky to find a new work in a small hotel near to our home. We take care of the taverna (hb) and general managment. I would like to hear more about your trip to Indonesia and of course about your new job. Best wishes! x Teje

  4. Life really does interfere with sewing sometimes, doesn’t it? 🙂 Your chair cover prototype looks lovely, though. I’d be interested in hearing what would be involved with helping host TGIFF next year.

  5. The quilted chair covers are a great idea. I really sympathize with your work situation, and it’s great to hear that you’ve got something to look forward to now. I’ve been in a less-than-ideal situation myself and I hope that I can come out of the tunnel soon too!

  6. Not only is the chair cover a fantastic idea, but it would make a great and unique gift! This time of year it’s very easy to get ripped away from quilting!

  7. It is no fun when you are not happy or fulfilled in work, sounds like you have exciting times ahead though. I am sure you will be wondering soon why you didn’t make the changes sooner 🙂

    Finishing is definitely not my strong point but I would be happy to help out with TGIFF if you still need someone.

  8. I am glad you found a direction, that is always a good feeling! Teaching isn’t easy, but probably one of the most wonderful jobs in the world. Indonesia will be exciting, have a wonderful time there. Thank you so much for hosting TGIFF!!


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  10. Congratulations on your new role! A change is as good as a rest, so I’m sure things will seen brighter in 2016!

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