Melody on the Sunnyside

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The Human (TH) has been working her butt off and didn’t really have a Friday finish so was panicking, but she remembered a skirt she hadn’t posted on her way home. I’m happy to report that TH took us for a walk first (Scarlett played ball and TH made me do some weird weaving stuff for tuna treats) so she had only 15 minutes left of sunlight left to find and photograph the skirt. So OF COURSE she couldn’t find it, let alone get a decent photo of herself in it.

Not in the wardrobe, not in the laundry, not on the line… Up until the last weekend, there had been NO wet stuff coming out of the sky for 105 days she didn’t think to look in the dryer till much later… I offered to take the photo for her for more tuna treats… See, I take a great selfie!


Which is how we’ve ended up with an inside photo of this Kate Spain Sunnyside skirt..


It looks MUCH better on… even with TH’s poor bald legs. Furry legs are so much nicer, don’t you think?
See all those lovely feathers on Scarlett’s legs? Poor human. I bet she’s jealous.

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13 Comments on “Melody on the Sunnyside”

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