On my broomstick

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Yes I’m a witch. Or I’ve been bewitched. By broomstick lace…


I signed up for another Craftsy class – Beyond Basic Broomstick Lace – and I got hooked. Or sticked.

Broomstick lace is basically crochet with a big fat knitting needle thrown in when you feel like it. Size 50 needles are impossible to find here, so I ended up buying a 25mm piece of bamboo dowel and talking nicely to the woodwork teacher in my office. Hehehe… Very effective and a helluva lot cheaper than getting a needle from the US. This is King Cole Riot yarn. It has a beautiful, glossy finish and is soft on the skin. It’s going to be an infinity scarf…

I love the loose weave and lacy look. Unlike the other wool that arrived from a retailer who shall remain nameless (wrong colour and wrong weight), this wool is exactly what I was after. I’m impatiently waiting for the replacement yarn to arrive to start the Rebel Cardi project from the class!

5 Comments on “On my broomstick”

  1. That is going to turn out nice. Be sure to post a picture of your finish. I like broomstick lace. I have only made afghans. It never occurred to me to make a scarf. I like how it is going.

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