Mysteries and Hoops

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So many things in progress, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going…

Metro Hoops

Amongst others, I’ve made some progress on my Metro Hoops Quilt. I’ve nearly completed the outlining and secondary hoop design on all the hoops. But of course I couldn’t wait to finish that before I started filling them in…


I’m pretty happy with it. Lots of inaccuracies. It’s not going to win any awards… but it’s still making me squeak with excitement that I ┬ádid THAT!

BTW, hasn’t the bloghop been inspiring? It’s a Pleasant Home today and there’s a giveaway…


Block 5 posting keeps getting postponed. But we are doing one of my favourite designs – the Orange Peel. It should have been an easy one for me, but I kept stuffing it up. Grr.

Mystery project

Come back Friday for the big reveal
Mystery project #2

This one is going to be a little longer in the works…

7 Comments on “Mysteries and Hoops”

  1. Hi Laura! That pattern looks fantastic and I’m always excited to see your quiltings! Can’t wait till Friday to see what you are making! x Teje

  2. I get it now. The rings leave a large blank space for quilting your heart out. Your excitement is contagious. I shall practice and more practice.

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