More ear buds!

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There’s only really been time for little sewing projects lately. Sometimes you need a gift. Sometimes you need to use up scraps. And sometimes you just really need a finish!

Dog Under My Desk’s earbud case pattern is one of my favourites because you can use up little scraps of batting and fabric and have a really fast finish in very little time.  I probably take more time trying to decide what zips go with which fabric than I do actually sewing. Sometimes it’s easy to choose.


And sometimes I can obsess for ages even though any of the colours I’ve picked out would do!


I know this pattern so well by now I pretty much go on autopilot. I did manage to forget the key chain tab on the first one I did and couldn’t face unpicking through the zip to add one. Oh well…


I mentioned earlier in the week when I was talking about choosing settings for blog photos that I use my outside area a lot. The mesh weave of the sunbed is one of my favourite photo spots for background texture on small projects. Unfortunately, the dogs agree.


I also tried the large succulent but that didn’t quite work. Almost looks like a Christmas tree doesn’t it?!


Here’s how not to take a photo – washed out and over exposed – but let’s ignore that and say how pretty the earbud cases are!


More successfully, here are my two cooler coloured ones. I like using the d-rings even though the key-chain rings are more functional. I don’t think I’ve ever used them myself but I could…


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  1. Bless you! You just gave me a great idea for making a carry case for my DH’s thumb-picks! DH is a guitar player and most pick cases are made for flat-picks [ I don’t know why? Flat-Picks can be easily tucked into their wallets]. I would like to make one of these little holders in either Leather or Pleather; whichever I can locate first and add a key ring to it. I suppose uber loaded key-rings are a guy thing? DH has a key-ring he hangs on his belt. His key-ring is so loaded down, I expect the average quilter would need a hip-replacement wearing that many chach-keys around daily. DH is about to get another Chach-Key! Granted, I wear ear-buds; mine will be used to hold ear-buds. Thanks for sharing!


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