Monumental photography and fabric shooting

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After Mesa Verde and the guns excitement that was Cortez Colorado (not really guns excitement Mum, we just found all the ‘ammo, liquor and jewellery’ shops funny and very different to Utah), we slipped over the border into New Mexico, then to Arizona, then back to Utah for some more shooting… of the photographic kind.
Monument Valley is famous for being the site of many Western movies, most famously, John Wayne’s. It is truly spectacular. 
It is also Navajo land, and the people are very proud of their culture. 
As the RV couldn’t navigate the rough roads, we took a half-day tour in an all-terrain vehicle.
First stop was a Navajo hogan where we saw a spinning demonstration and Katy had her hair tied back in a traditional bun.

She doesn’t look too impressed in this photo, but the end result was lovely. Apparently, they are making a comeback as a hairstyle amongst the Navajo people.

Then it was on to see more spectacular redness at the park. Our Navajo guide, Larry, explained a lot to us, and was obviously very proud of his culture and language. There were also plenty of opportunities to contribute to the local tourism industry, such as having your photo taken on this horse on this bluff!

As we waited for the sun to go down, we checked out the gift shop and I got to fulfil a 7 year ambition and sink my teeth into Navajo fry bread again, This was blue-corn fry bread tacos. YUM. (I have told Katy that Cameron Trading post does it better and we have to compare. I hope it lives up to memories).
There was some lovely Navajo weavings as well, with grey, burgundy and black predominating. Hmm… quilt palette?

When the sun was suitably low, we nipped outside to take a few more photos.

In case you think it’s been all play and no sewing, I tried out a new camera trick Katy taught me with the Indie Midnight Temple bundle that the FatQuarterShop sent us for the bloghop. How cool does this look?!

 It was VERY windy and I had the bright idea of folding the fabric in the wind (not easy) instead of sitting sensibly in the RV and doing it. I also had to wrap it around a book to keep it from flying off over the red rocks of Utah.

Ok, time to plan the next block!

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