Metro Hoops still going strong

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Despite the recent forages into crochet, I have made an effort to get to the Sweet 16 and continue working away at my QCR Metro Hoops. It’s tough going – double batted and Queensize with a big overlap so I need to celebrate every little achievement. Today’s is that I’ve finished outlining all the hoops and the secondary internal hoops. Hurrah!


It’s quite heavy work, using a template and a midarm machine on a quilt this size, and the quilting is by no means perfect. But I figure it’s mainly going to be me cringing over the errors, so I’ll slap myself and get on with it.

I’m pretty happy with the corners.


But I’m having second thoughts about filling in all the centres. This is where I wish I’d planned first because had I not already done three centre-pieces, I probably wouldn’t.


I do love this one though:qcrhoopsblock2detail

And this is pretty good…qcrhoopblock1detail

Can my creativity last? Can I fill in every centre? Or more to the point – should I? And the borders are a blank space of canvas at the moment. Any suggestions on any of this?!!! Help!

By the way, have you seen the Twisted Blossoms QAL blocks over at SewKindOfWonderful? I am WISHING I had time to get into this but I am being very restrained and focussing on finishing existing projects at the moment! I may yet fold – we shall see…

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  1. Laura – the quilting is amazing and really doing justice to your quilt! Love it! would love to see final pics when you have completed it.

  2. I think you’re going to love the quilt when it’s done if you keep quilting the centers. I think they really enhance the quilt – make it pop. You’re doing a great job! The color contrast is really nice as well.

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