Metro Hoops quilting progress

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Do you ever get quilter’s block? Either getting sick of a project and putting it aside or just not being able to sew at all?

Term 2 has been so hectic, facing the sewing machine to quilt has seemed like more work. Nevertheless, I’ve snatched a few minutes sewing here and there between marking, report writing and lesson prep and made a little progress on quilting Metro Hoops. If I ever mention quilting a queen size double batted project again on the Sweet 16, please talk me out of it…



I’ve got a little more creative with squares inside squares and a bit of feathering.


I’m sure you can see the SewKindOfWonderful and Green Fairy influence in the quilting…


I have several favourites and one definitely not favourite that I am considering unpicking. But with 8 more blanks to go, I’m going to finish the rest first.


It’s one week till school holidays. I’m not going anywhere and I am aiming to finish the rest of those central motifs and get started on the borders. Can I do it?


The corners and half squares are decided. The next question will be what to do with the borders. Any thoughts?

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4 Comments on “Metro Hoops quilting progress”

  1. I would continue with a total ghost design of the block and your quilting out into the nice wide borders to keep the eye flowing. I will be starting a Metro Ring in the fall to make a wedding quilt for my son! Yours is very pretty!!

  2. Laura, you have done a beautiful job. Since most of my quilts are queen or king size, I can’t talk you out of that, but I might be able to talk you out of the double batting. I can imagine that was an extra challenge. I have an Innova sit down long arm and the size doesn’t bother me but it is a little more challenging in the center and takes some concentration. I really like the quilting you chose. You did a great job. You should be proud.

  3. Wow this is just lovely… I’m not sure I see the potential unpicking you’re talking about! I do think the double batting is likely the real pain here, I did this once myself and it was a headache. What about continuous feathers for the border area, this would blend well but put the focus on the other unique quilting.

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