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I have so much fun practising FMQ designs on little pieces that I just have to keep going… So while this isn’t going to be a formal QAL like the first QAYGFMQAL or the second FMQAL, and I’m not going to keep a timetable, I’m going to keep posting these here and in the Facebook group and I’d love to see what you have going…

I decided to use some of my low volume prints to frame my FMQ squares and I had a vague idea that the theme for the project may be “Laura pretends to be the Green Fairy” but I think it’s going to go beyond that… Just warning  you.

The other warning is that these are not going to be simple designs. I want to challenge myself. I’m sure some of it’s not going to be pretty. No unpicking, no hiding the mistakes. Rulers – yes. Marking – probably not.

So here’s the first. Rayon thread. Straight edge quilting ruler. No marking. Bit uneven. Not too shabby.



Judi Madsen-esque? Somewhat.

I’d love to hear/see your suggestions as to designs to reproduce, amazing FMQ’ers to stalk or other places to find inspiration for this project. Happy humpday!

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  1. That’s a real good start! I hope I can accept the challenge. I will try to get some sandwiches prepared this weekend.

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