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I seem to have lost my sew-jo lately. I wasn’t even tempted to look at fabric in the post-Christmas sales. That”s how bad it is. I have a room full of fabric that is mocking me. I walk into the sewing room and it seems to stick its tongue out and say “You’ll never be able to use us up so don’t even bother trying…”

The only thing to do when that ennui hits is to sew something small and finishable.

I ran across this tutorial on the Bernina blog.  A small finish and an easy storage solution – what’s to lose?


Sewing Instructions For Quick (And Less Quick) Fabric Baskets

There are some beautiful quilted designs on that post. But I didn’t want to put too much time or care into something that might not work out, so I grabbed some fabric that no longer grabs me and some cheap fusible wadding (instead of the recommended Soft n Stable which is hard to find and expensive in Australia) and came up with this.

I made a few modifications (as per usual) with varying degrees of success.

Firstly, the lighter weight fusible fabric. Not brilliant but it works without breaking the bank or depleting my precious supply of Soft n Stable.

Secondly, I used the bag-makers trick of putting the outer side and the lining right sides together and sewing around the top, then pulling the box right side out through a hole in the bottom of the lining.  That was much more satisfactory than the ironing and pinning suggested. I’m not sure why the creator didn’t do that. Perhaps it is more feasible using the lighter weight batting.

Finally, I sewed up the corners to give it a more defined look which it definitely needed with the floppier batting.

It fits a heap of fat quarters in quite nicely and will look great on my shelf. I would definitely make more of these. It’s a simple, well written pattern with plenty of inspiration in the photos on the blog so worth taking a look!


5 Comments on “Little boxes….”

  1. I love your basket. I am glad to see you posting. I think a lot of us feel like you to right now. I know there are a lot of projects starting for the new year but I am hearing a lot of people say they must finish their other projects first. I feel like you. My UFOs are really getting my attention and I am anxious to get as many of them out of the way as possible. I have way too much fabric. LOL Maybe you can just start making baskets? You did a great job on that one. Also, I put cardboard in the bottom and sides of mine and that gave them more stability. I just used scrap batting for the boxes.

  2. Your little box turned out great! I really like that fabric, and it’s funny that it is something that doesn’t call you anymore. Maybe what we all need in January is a giant fabric swap, where everyone gets rid of stuff that isn’t moving them and gathers new inspiration from others 🙂

    I’m not particularly inspired by the quilt I’m working on, but it has a deadline so I’m soldiering on. My ambivalence is showing in that I haven’t taken a single photo yet or blogged about it, yet the flimsy is about 75% done. Hm.

    I hope your studio will whisper your name soon!

  3. I have tons of fabric mocking me, too. I like how you stored your fat quarters in this. I will have to make more baskets. Yours turned out very cute!

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