Lilypond Sunday

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This Tuesday is the last day of pattern release for the Stylecraft Lilypond Crochet-a-long. I keep wanting to say quilt-a-long – there are some similarities. Like quilting, there are blocks and each block is an achievement. This is still my favourite.


Unlike quilting, you can put them together before the whole thing is finished and as in this case, the centre piece is being done last but can still be joined in easily. Then it is DONE, no quilting or binding required! (This has only just occurred to me. Yes I’m a bit slow…)


There are 5 more flower squares and 4 more border pieces to do, I believe. There are a few bits missing from the photo ready to be joined, but I’m hanging out for that last central lily!!!! I’m liking the lighter aqua than the pattern uses – I was wondering whether it was all going to turn out nicely for a while but I’m pretty happy with it now.

I’m thinking as soon as the weather warms up, crochet will fall by the wayside but for the moment, it has been 0-2 degrees C outside and not much better in my little chill tiled house so rather than freeze at the sewing machine, I’ve stuck by the fire. Pretty happy with my lily blanket getting to the stage to keep me snuggly!


4 Comments on “Lilypond Sunday”

  1. Looks great. The designer was a Fibre East a few weeks ago so I got to see her original. Plus several of her other beautiful designs. Oh so tempting.
    Nope, no binding or quilting, just lots of sewing in of ends. Sigh. Or have you been doing those as you go too?

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