Kindling again

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A long time ago, my dad was walking our dog down a dirt track in an area that used to be Chinese market gardens. He saw what he thought was a large mushroom poking out the sand and kicked it. And nearly broke his toe…

It turned out to be the top of the head of this little fat Buddha statue. He weighs quite a bit but Dad carried him home and dusted him off and he’s sat in their garden ever since. Dad's kindle case

When dad asked for a Kindle case, and I was up at their place, Buddha seemed like a good backdrop for the case! I used Noodlehead’s Wide Open Zipper pouch tutorial but made the pouch to measure. I used Violet Craft Waterfront Park Bridges in charcoal (such a good man-print) for the outside and some Dear Stella for the inside.
Dad's kindle case

They get back from their Italian-Austrian adventure tomorrow so I’ve left this by dad’s bedside. Hope he likes it!

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