I’ve got mail…

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I’m so, so, sew excited! This arrived in the mail today:

 All the way from Lake Tahoe, California. What is it? Ta da!

 My first quilt kit. McKenna Ryan’s ‘Calling Me Home’. It should look like this when it’s finished. I hope I have the patience to get through it!  I am so conflicted about buying materials internationally. I could have paid double the price and supported a quilt shop here, but … DOUBLE! And they have just done what I have done anyway… I still feel slightly guilty. It’s just incredible that fabric is around $10/meter in the US and anywhere up to $28 here. Just crazy. If it was a few dollars difference, I wouldn’t turn a hair. But now my local quilt shop has closed and it’s a 40 minute treck for the privilege of paying 3x the price with no where near the range… well, I’m doing much of my buying online.

Bazooples sketches

On other projects,here are my preliminary sketches for Meredith’s Bazooples quilt. The ostrich is a bit big but he can be shrunk or redrawn.
Quilting for Queensland Quilt No 1 is finished. I called it “Give a dog a bone” (for obvious reasons).

Give a dog a bone

And here’s a sneak peek at the next Quilt for Queensland…

Off to sewing club tonight – possibly more tomorrow!
PS my camera skills MUST be improved.

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